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Description of volunteer criteria

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Minimum commitment of 4 weeks

Most important:

Have interest in interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

You can select which project you would like to participate in 

Development projects:

Advocacy projects:

For children’s class:

  • Assist the teacher in teaching English, math and other subjects.
  • Lighten his workload and get actively involved in the lessons.

After-school program:

  • Support students with school homework and tasks they need help with. 
  • Help them when they need to complete tasks on the computers. 

For adult classes:

  • Assist the afternoon teacher with English lessons for adults.
  • Help the students to express themselves and understand simple grammar.

Computer classes:

  • Help people to improve their skills with the computer in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Programs.

Woman empowering Projects:

  • Sewing classes: Woman learning how to fix and sew new clothes.
  • There are a couple of classes a day.

Women and self-reliance workshops

Get involved in the workshops

The advocacy program aims to help people find their own voice and improve living conditions in South Africa.

Learn about the situation in South Africa and get involved in helping the staff.


Paralegal service:

Support the staff with the tasks listed below.

Accompaniment to hospitals, clinics, the South African police and the provincial departments of education.

Participate/facilitate Advocacy workshops

Support with interpreting and translating.

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